Finding Your Dream Job: Top Tips for Pediatric Dentists

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Being a pediatric dentist is one of the most unique and fulfilling professions in health care.

You get to instill healthy dental habits in children and set up positive experiences with oral health—experiences that will last their entire lives.

This, however, is not just another job because of the fulfillment that comes with seeing that child’s smile change, the daily challenge that arises from their dental needs, and the satisfaction from educating both the young patients and their families. 

What may be hardest at times is going out into the marketplace for jobs and finding that perfect match of practice, that right place that will bring personal and professional success.

Considering such factors as work environment, team dynamics, patient demographics, and growth opportunities calls for a strategic approach when entering the job market.

Here are tips and insights into finding your dream job as a pediatric dentist.

That includes writing an exceptional resume, nailing the interview, knowing the different practice settings, and some of the nuances of contract negotiation—then we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are a new graduate, just looking to start your career, or an experienced practitioner searching for a new change, these tips will give you that empowered feeling as you go ahead and select a placement perfect for you.

So here we go, and let’s find out where this ride toward securing that perfect pediatric dentistry position leads us!

  1. Know Your Ideal Work Environment: Before leaping into the process of application throughout the country, take a moment to think about your ideal place of work. Do you like fast-paced and busy or slower with more time for each patient? Would you prefer to work in a private practice hospital or community health center? Consider the ages of the children you would like to work with, the latest tools that you might like to use, and your team environment. When you have a clear picture of what you want in an ideal job, your search will be much easier. It will facilitate practices that are a perfect match for you.
  2. Ask Around! You cannot discount the power of your friends! Talk to old colleagues, teachers, dentist friends—anything other than people that could know of any openings. Let them know you’re searching for a new job and what you’re looking for. Your network can be a gold mine of leads, along with insider information, about some great opportunities.
  3. Partner with a Pro: There are special dental recruiting agencies that focus on finding jobs for pediatric dentists. These recruiters know the market at the most granular level, having connections to practices looking for excellent people like you. At Hire Smiles, we have a whole team of people whose No. 1 focus is recruiting excellent pediatric dentists for some equally excellent practices nationwide. We can help you write your résumé, find the right jobs, and even prepare for the interview process.
  4. Research Like a Champ! After you have developed some promising leads, go a little further in discovering the practices. Peruse their website, read patient reviews online, and locate any articles about them. That will give you an excellent feel for what their philosophy is, the kind of kids they see, and the vibe of the place in general.
  5. Make your application shine! Do not just send the same résumé to all practices. Tailor your application materials to that place specifically. Emphasize your experience with kids, pediatric dentistry skills, and anything that makes you a perfect fit for their team.
  6. Interview Like a Rockstar! Do some research beforehand and be ready to talk about your experience, how you work with the kids, and your career goals. It’s also a good idea to prepare some questions for the interviewer about the practice, the patients, and the job itself.
  7. Show Your Passion! During the interview, let your enthusiasm for working with kids shine through! Share stories showing you can connect with young patients, create a fun dental experience, and help them keep their teeth healthy.
  8. Talk Money! Don’t be afraid to talk about money! Research what other pediatric dentists in your area typically make based on your experience and setting. You should be prepared to discuss salary expectations and other benefits, such as continuing education or assistance repaying student loans.
  9. Say Thank You! Follow up the interview with a note of thanks within 24 hours of meeting the interviewer. Wrap up with a brief reiteration that you are interested in the position and other key interview discussion points.

With those tips in hand, along with a specialist pediatric dental recruiter, you will soon land that ideal practice.

One where you get to use your skills, make a difference in kids’ lives and have great fun doing so.

Dr. Mary G. Trice

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